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Chad Brucker https://rondakae.com/Chad%20Brucker

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Design, Nurture, and Grow a Better Life!

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Come listen to me give advice on how to reimagine your dreams!


Hey there!

If you’re reading this, you probably experienced something that changed your life like divorce, family death, job loss, a big move, or something that you didn’t expect you’d go through.

You had dreams that your life NOW doesn’t align with…

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know how it feels when you feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed and not able to provide the dream you wanted for yourself and your family!

[SPEAKER: Add a personal story of your own to connect with your audience]

That’s why I’m inviting you to this amazing summit, where I’ll be joining as a speaker. The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit, unlike many other events, focuses on YOU and what you want to hear. 

It doesn’t matter if your dream of a happy life feels like it’s fading away…

It’s IMPORTANT to take steps to make your life nourish!

I am so honored to be featured as a keynote speaker in the
Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit!

My talk will be about  ________________________________

My friend, RondaKae Vainikka, is bringing a line-up of POWERFUL experts to support you and share seeds to replant YOUR LIFE!


There are plenty of health experts out there but what makes this special?

The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit will tell you how you can replant your life in the correct environment for it to grow beautifully!

RondaKae is a gardener of “transplanted” dreams and people. She helps people sow the seeds for a better life, pull the weeds (chaos, negative thoughts, stress, unproductive habits etc..), and help nurture growth, through guidance,  positive reinforcement, and accountability. 

She created this summit to help your dreams blossom in their right season and help you add some resilience to the storms life brings along.

You deserve to live the life you WANT without limits and to create the perfect environment for your children to grow in!

The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life summit is for YOU to start creating a game plan for your new dream and live your best life!

So here’s a >> FREE TICKET << [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE] for you to join us and get the opportunity to listen to inspirational speakers who have been through what you’re going through right now! 



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Do you feel like your life is falling apart? 🍂

You’re reading this because you’re in this space that doesn’t align with the dream you had… Like a plant ripped from the soil and put somewhere new or forgotten.

But DON’T WORRY! The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit is here to help you sow the seeds for the life you’ve always dreamed of! ☀️

It can be hard to do it all on your own, but… YOU’RE NOT ALONE!! 

I’m inviting you to join me & my dear friend, RondaKae, at the Healthy Wealthy Happy Life summit! 🎙

At this event, we will focus on supporting all the struggling Mommas out there to nourish their lives. 

There will be other speakers who will share their knowledge and give you the seeds to replant a life that would blossom beautifully

CLICK THE LINK to get your FREE access! 💜



I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be joining my friend, RondaKae, as a speaker at the Healthy Wealthy Life Parent online show! 🤩

If you need practical advice on how to pull the weeds of chaos, negative thoughts, stress, & unproductive habits, we are here for you.

I got you a FREE ticket! 🎟

So join us at the Healthy Wealthy Happy Life summit today – I look forward to hearing from you!!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to book your spot 💜 


Newsletter Blurbs

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If you’re a single mom, widowed, or raising children on your own, you’re not alone. 

In fact, you’re part of a growing community of single parents who are struggling to provide the best for their families!

Don’t let your dreams wither and die!

I help people just like YOU, single moms, widows, people in job transitions, or who have experienced the loss of people, jobs, and even their identities… to find and re-imagine their dreams and help them create a game plan for their new dream and their best life. 

And while it can be difficult to find constant support, there are resources available to help you. The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life summit is one of them! 

This event is designed specifically for single parents, and it offers a rare opportunity to hear from and connect with other single parents who understand your challenges. 

With a focus on your needs and concerns, the Healthy Wealthy Happy Life summit is an event you don’t want to miss! 

So whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or simply seeking support and advice from others who have been in your shoes, be sure to sign up for the summit!

I’m honored to join my friend, RondaKae, who will be hosting the Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit

I’m excited to speak during this event about [TOPIC – maybe expand more on your topic and what you’ll be sharing, whatever your expertise is.]

There will be a lineup of 42 POWERFUL experts who will be sharing “How to’s” to replant, water, and FERTILIZE your life!

Come on, start sowing the seeds to a better life ✨

Get your FREE ACCESS to The Healthy Wealthy Happy Life Summit. 

I’ll see you there!


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