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Brittany Squillace

Health therapist and founder of Best Self Therapy

Brittany’s mission through Best Self Therapy is to instill hope in grieving adults to change the way they view, talk about, and navigate grief; allowing them to live a better life as their best selves.

Through her specialty of grief and loss, Brittany guides clients in making meaning of their losses and redefining and maintaining their relationship(s) with the deceased.

Brittany’s grief specialization also includes guiding clients in healing ambiguous/living losses (such as the losses experienced through a divorce, loss of identity, grieving a loved one who is still physically present but emotionally/mentally absent, loss of job, etc.).

Brittany values creating a safe and welcoming space, allowing clients to discover how to continue living as their best selves while remembering, honoring, and staying connected to those who have passed. 

To learn more about Brittany and Best Self Therapy, to take advantage of her FREE 20-30 minute consultation, or to schedule an appointment visit her website @

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