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Deb Curtis

Abandonment no more.

From growing up in a dysfunctional family, living around family hate, drugs and alcohol, in the home she lived at 10 yrs of age, to being abandoned by her biological mom, abandoned again by her step-mom #1 and, yet again, abandoned most recently by step-mom #2, to walking away from an alcoholic husband, threatening to kill, al things abandonement, must and WILL come to an end.

The choice was Deb’s to fully abandoned her past and move forward in her faith with a family of her own, which she prayed for at 12 yrs old of age.

God is real, dreams do come true and prayers are answered.

Today, Deb is driven to change people lives by helping them exit corporate America to better lives, by acquiring a tenured, profitable, small business.

Deb is a direct, SBA business acquisition preferred lender in all 50-states. Change of business ownership financed transactions require an SBA lender partner who has resilience, credible SBA experience and can be the light from start to funding without SBA lender ABANDONEMENT.

If you’re a corporate employee, it’s time for your career promotion to small business owner of a tenured, profitable small business.

If you’re a business broker, scrambling with SBA lenders who are not fully transparent, you need an SBA lender who can and will make a difference.

Conversations change lives.

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