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Jenea Fredrick

I’m Jenea… pronounced Ja. Na. Ya. 

After obtaining 3 graduate degrees, I found myself struggling to find a job that would pay my worth. 

Now, I help badass professional moms find the transition to fulfilling 5 & 6-figure careers without going back to school. 

I have been known to help women land offers within 24-Hours.  My mission is to help 100 women land fulfilling careers that pay them 5 & 6 figures. 

Now that we’ve gotten the business out of the way, now to the fun part 🙂 

Some fun facts about me: 

I am a mother of 3. My oldest is 10 years apart from my middle child & 11 years from the baby.

I love watching cartoons.

I also like watching Investigation Discovery (I love to figure out if I would come out with the same conclusion). 

I do not know how to cook 

I hate doing laundry

Do we have anything in common?!

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