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Kristen Miller

Mentor|Self-actualization Expert|Spiritual Technician

Kristen is an internationally acclaimed mentor, self-actualization expert, and spiritual technician for driven business owners and sole breadwinners.

Her clients have dubbed her a miracle money mentor and soul concierge because they ‘miraculously’ find more time, make more money, and have more fun in their lives while working with her! 

Kristen’s guidance infuses a powerful combination of business & investment savvy, emotional agility, mindset mastery, transformational psychology, and ancient wisdom. 

She empowers her clients to reconnect with their sovereign Thoroughbred pedigree and enjoy a life experience brimming with fulfillment, peace of mind, harmonious wellbeing, and greater wealth. 

Her Lunge™ Framework activates personal power alchemy within her clients so they can elevate their consciousness, leverage their assets, expand their wealth, and liberate their life and business.  

In 2021, Kristen was awarded the Brainz Global 500 honor for her business. She’s been featured on BBS Radio TV, Inspired Choices TV, the NYC Journal, and The Business Growth Show on MillionaireFlix. 

With her current studies in Advanced Trauma NeuroCoaching and NeuroLeadership for Executives, Kristen successfully helps others unbridle their human potential, recalibrate their potency, create sustainable business growth, and redefine their family legacy.

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