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Leslie Urbas

Family Dietitian| Diabetes Educator| Personal Trainer| Private Wellness & Performance Coach

Leslie works from her home office in the Sunshine State and lives out her
highest purpose every day. She combines her grounded sense of family
values as a military wife and inspiring mom of two (born 2018 and 2020
respectively) with her expertise and natural entrepreneurial flair.
Leslie doesn’t meet her life halfway in any realm, personally or
professionally… A great example of the light-hearted yet high-impact
commitment she shares with her clients is when she married the man of her
dreams in 2017 during Hurricane Irma! Instead of postponing the beach
wedding as most would do, the fun-loving couple officially tied the knot
despite the stormy winds of change.
This remarkable women thrives today because she successfully infused her
purpose-driven passions for life, health, business and family in a way that
best serves everyone whose life she touches.

WhatsApp: +1 314 276 6241
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