Shelley-Ann Edwards-Barran

Writing Specialist | Educator | Life Coach

Shelley-Ann Edwards-Barran is a writing specialist, educator, and life coach who is obsessed with
the power words have over mood and productivity.

As the founder of Synechís Gratitude Collective, Shelley-Ann focuses on showing women who struggle with negativity how to use words of gratitude to reduce anxiety, improve their productivity, and create a fulfilled life. 

The Gratitude Strategy is a formula for interrupting negative self-talk, actively engaging gratitude, and building a consistent habit of positivity that forms the foundation of a winning mindset shift. It’s all about Saying it right; Saying it loud; and Saying it always.

Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Science, a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Master
of Science in Management, Shelley-Ann approaches situations from multiple perspectives. 

She combines her training with her love for photography, film, graphic design, and teaching to create a
unique viewpoint from which she helps her clients reframe their thoughts, rephrase their language and re-engineer their lives.

While supporting her clients, writing, and engaging students are her main passions, Shelley-Ann balances her time between work and family. A close-knit unit, her husband and two beautiful daughters are often involved in her business, assisting in administrative and training activities.

Shelley-Ann believes words are important, even though most people don’t understand how words
impact their lives. #wordsmatter #findbetterwords #thegratitudestrategy


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