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Tonia Miriani

Hello! I’m Tonia!
Tonia Miriani, is a wife and mom to three- a 15-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son, and a 5-year-old daughter, a book nerd, life coach, and author.

We live in a small town in southeast Missouri. I currently work full time as a school counselor, a position I have had for 13 years (18 in the public school system).

I have always wanted to be a mom; however, along the way, I lost myself. However, I have
managed to flip the script, discover my purpose, embrace my worth, and live life joyfully.

I work with moms who are overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed, and scared to admit that some of the time they resent having children. In a nutshell on the outside, you look like you have it all,
but on the inside you’re frazzled!

I love helping momma’s breakthrough feeling stuck or drained as burdens of life at times weighs them down.

I want to help guide you on this journey of motherhood, reclaiming your purpose and joy.

I want to help others, and let you know that you are NOT alone in your journey of motherhood and that there IS help from someone who has gone through it all before!

My desire is to see you step into the mother you desire to be.

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