Tucker Bascom

My dream is to be part of a global movement that helps society as a whole, prioritize relationships over material gains and to-do lists.

I founded The Sustain Network to help me achieve this dream.

I know I cannot achieve my loftiest goals by myself, and truth be told, I wouldn’t want to. I experience the most joy standing on top of a mountain with others who scaled it with me. I feel exuberant when I get to share life’s most precious moments with those I love. I feel fulfilled when I get to participate on a team that is trying to achieve the impossible.  My life is better because of the relationships I have with others. 

This dream was born in the months following the end of a decade-long battle to prove my worth to myself. I was the person with potential that always found a way to waste it. Battling drugs and alcohol, financial issues and an unhealthy self-image, I was the poster-child for self-sabotage. Fortunately, I found a job working for people who would become the best mentors I could have ever asked for. They believed in me, they trusted me, they loved me for all that I was. They loved me despite me not loving me. These mentors exposed me to the world of personal development and slowly but surely, I started to take ownership of the mess that was my life. It was only when I took accountability for the choices and actions I took that I could then start making new choices and taking new actions that would pull me out of the hole I dug myself into.  

I spent 2016-2021 growing a restaurant chain for these same mentors.
We knew nothing about running restaurants, but we were able to open up six locations because of our commitment to developing leaders and prioritizing relationships over material gains and to-do lists. They allowed me to develop the first prototype of my coaching program and test it in real time by making it a requirement to move in to a leadership role at our company. Over the years it got better and better and became something team members would look forward to being a part of, as well as being recognized as a cornerstone of our business success. It also became my purpose; it helped me start viewing myself as someone who was worthy, who had value and who could make a positive impact on the lives of others.  

Eventually, we successfully sold the restaurant chain for a substantial amount of money.
My relationship with the owners, my mentors, allowed me to get a small piece of the pie. I put my trust in them for years, and they trusted me back and delivered on their promise that my sacrifices would be worth it one day. I had an opportunity to be a leader for the entity that purchased our restaurant chain, but I was ready to start walking my own path, even if I had no idea what that meant. 

In the weeks and months following the sale of the restaurants, I looked back on my career as a Regional Manager. I was able to reflect on what made me happy and what didn’t.  COVID was still changing our lives and I decided to use the extra time I now had to focus on my relationship with my 5 yr. old son and homeschool him since public school seemed risky. I spent more time with my significant other, my friends and my family. It was now hitting me how much time I sacrificed in favor of my career; in pursuit of proving to myself that I was worthy and deserving of money, of love and of acknowledgment, I was missing the opportunity to experience all those things by just being in the relationships I was already in and didn’t have to “go get.” I realized I was chasing a carrot dangling in front of me while running on a treadmill, completely unaware that I was holding a carrot in my hand the whole time.  

I had the realization that I didn’t need to sacrifice as much as I did – the end result of building a restaurant chain and selling it could have still happened while focusing on what made me happy; facilitating a leadership development program, focusing on the relationships with my team members, and delegating the rest. The reason I didn’t do that was because of the delusion I was stuck in that I wasn’t “good enough” if I didn’t work 12 hours a day. That lie robbed me of precious time with people I love, and I will never get that time back. I have also come to realize through interactions with other high-achievers that there are many people in this world still telling themselves they aren’t worthy, still telling themselves that they aren’t good enough, and still believing that they need to sacrifice more in order to get what they want. They are stuck in the “cause-and-effect” illusion; they sacrifice their relationships in the pursuit of productivity.  

It was that realization that spurred my epiphany – I have to show the world that nothing is worth sacrificing relationships for. Relationships are what keep us alive when we are born, and they are what comfort us when we die. Relationships are what make moments sweet and transcendent of time.  Relationships are, ironically, what we are in pursuit of as we sacrifice time with our loved ones with the false belief of “after I achieve this, I’ll have more time to spend with my loved ones.”  Yet that moment of arrival never comes… the work is never done… the time you sacrificed was the very time you were in pursuit of.  It was there all along, you just gave it away. 

I don’t want you to give away your time; because you will never get it back. I have refined my leadership program into what I call the Dimensional Alignment Method. It is a framework that starts with the 3 core relationships every one of us has, and then it teaches us how those 3 core relationships ripple out to every other relationship in our life. Through examination of these relationships, we can identify how they feel and how we experience them. At specific points in the program, it becomes painfully obvious how we could have achieved the same level of productivity, and more, while spending less time working and more time investing in our relationships.  

But I know the Dimensional Alignment Method isn’t the only way to experience more joy and success in our life! That is why I founded The Sustain Network; so that my program could be facilitated side-by-side with other incredible coaches and consultants who also believe in the power of relationships to enrich our lives. My vision is that every client of The Sustain Network, whether they are an individual or an organization, will get a world class transformational experience facilitated by a team of coaches, consultants and leaders handpicked from The Sustain Network specifically for them. The Dimensional Alignment Method establishes a template, a structure, that can be filled with experiences intended to give the client exactly what they need to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. And because long-lasting, sustainable, lifetime results are what we aim to get for our clients, every client that finishes their program becomes a member of The Sustain Network. This model, I believe, ensures the highest probability for lifetime success.

So to you, reader, I am beyond grateful that you are here. I am beyond grateful that you took the time to visit this website and read my bio. My hope is that you will discover for yourself the reason you exist on this planet, and you find that your relationships are what give you meaning in your life. The world is better when those inhabiting it love one another, and the natural laws of the universe seem to reward that kind of behavior. Whether you work with The Sustain Network or not to support your journey in this life, we are happy to be existing at the same time and in the same place as you. Your wellbeing is your greatest contribution to humanity; may you do nothing that harms your sense of wellness.

My website: https://thesustainnetwork.com/

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