Our Expert Speakers

Cindi Cohen

Cindi is a dynamic Experience Expert at Makesy.comHer mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people to tap into their creativity. 

Cindi is a seasoned Maker who loves to provide a fun, upbeat, and educational atmosphere for corporate classes. 

Her favorite thing to make is candles. She loves how candles can transform an atmosphere to one of peace and tranquility. 

Cindi is passionate about bringing joy to others, and has some user-friendly ways to increase the JOY in your life. Fun facts: She also has 5 golden retrievers, lives in the Smoky Mountains of TN, and loves to write, dance, boat, hike, and drink coffee and tea with friends.

Cindi has over 25 year of experience helping adolescents and their families, dealing with academic, behavioral, and substance abuse.  She holds a Masters degree in Education, and has helped thousands of families, and prides herself on her natural gift  to always bring out the best in people. 

Jenn Brango

There is something so amazing about reading about others creating a life you want.  So when I share my experiences in life,  it’s my chance to say, you deserve to see all your possibilities.  It’s fair to say that sometimes you may not be able to see beyond your current circumstances; it may not feel like it’s possible. 

And I also know if you are able to “believe” a new thought, just one, from what I have experienced, that feeling you get from seeing someone else do it, could be your catalyst to seeing a new possibility for your life. 

There was a time in my 20s when I felt stuck believing I was flawed and broken, and my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s (low thyroid) and fibromyalgia was just more evidence of that fact. And yet, there was something about this time in my life that was pivotal.  Although I didn’t have anyone else guiding me, this was my own catalyst in wanting to change this belief.  

After many years of trial and error, I never gave up, even though it felt like I should give up.  It wasn’t  “easy”, on and off “diets”, extreme exercise, hating myself, believing food was the problem, alcohol was my solution, putting all my belief in building a business, closing the business, losing family members, losing myself and finding myself again.  

It took 20 years of building my own belief in myself, through education, consistency, working with other women, and learning how to treat myself well, with food, exercise, and self-acceptance. 

That is why today I share my work with women, who are feeling stuck, believing they are flawed and broken, so they can create predictable and sustainable results they desire without restriction and over-exercise.  

My mission is to impact 100,000 WOMEN and create whatever possibilities they desire for their life no matter their circumstances loving and accepting themselves all the way!

I am an iPEC CPC Life Coach, Metabolic Effect Certified for Nutrition, Certified Metabolic Optimization Coach, and Natural Pro 40+ Figure Competitor.

If you were wondering you can find me daily in my Free Facebook Group Diamond Diva’s Metabolism Academy

Working on my mission with my husband Mike of 25 years, and being rescued daily by my 3 (dog) fur babies, Lucy, Cassie, and Emily making sure I get in my steps laughs, and snuggles (which I often feature on my Instagram stories)

You grab for FREE my 5 Little Known Hacks to END the IMPACT of STRESS on your Metabolism 👇

Bettie Honc

Bettie Honc began her working life with a Degree in International Business at Prague University of Economics. 

She followed her dream of living by the sea and travelled to Spain. After a year living there, she moved to the UK. However, when Bettie became a mother of twins, she decided to change her career and studied at Havering College in Essex, to become a graphic designer and follow a more creative direction. 

As her designing skills and enthusiasm for journaling and self-care grew stronger, Bettie found a way of combining her skills in graphic design with her passion for wellbeing to empower people through journaling, the power of writing things down.

Ellysa Smith

Elyssa Smith is a time strategist who helps busy women take back their time and reclaim their lives. Drawing from her personal experiences as well as trauma-informed and science-based psychological principles, Elyssa helps her clients overcome procrastination, people-pleasing and overwhelm, and manage their time strategically so they can do what they love and focus on what is most important.

She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Thrive Global and on Fox59 Morning News for her self-compassionate time management model and has shared her knowledge on virtual stages with hundreds across the globe. She has also been a guest expert on such podcasts as Making Money Online with Lisa Johnson and She’s Unscripted with Kristy Katzmann, among many others.

When she isn’t teaching her strategies to busy women, she can be found around her family’s farm in Indiana, keeping up with her fiery-and-sweet red-haired seven-year-old superhero and her fluffy self-appointed guard dog.

Brittany Squillace

Health therapist and founder of Best Self Therapy.

Brittany’s mission through Best Self Therapy is to instill hope in grieving adults to change the way they view, talk about, and navigate grief; allowing them to live a better life as their best self.

Through her specialty of grief and loss, Brittany guides clients in making meaning of their losses and redefine and maintain their
relationship(s) with the deceased.

Brittany’s grief specialization also includes guiding clients in healing ambiguous/living losses (such as the losses experienced
through divorce, loss of identity, grieving a loved one who is still physically present but emotionally/mentally absent, loss of job,
etc.). Brittany values creating a safe and welcoming space, allowing clients to discover how to continue living as their best selves while remembering, honoring, and staying connected to those who have passed. 

To learn more about Brittany and Best Self Therapy, to take advantage of her FREE 20-30 minute consultation, or to
schedule an appointment visit her website at    www.bestselftherapy.net.

Susan Petang

Susan Petang is a Certified Stress Management Consultant and mother of four amazing people.  She specializes in teaching women how to create habits that beat stress and burnout – and start enjoying life again.

Although she’s been a Certified Life Coach since 2017, she also has over 30 years of experience coaching others in the corporate world as a trainer, sales coach, manager, and mentor – helping others become the best they can possibly be.

​After creating – and living! – In her program, she overcame her own anxiety and depression when nothing else worked.  Now she uses the Happiness Habits Program to help other women stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, and start waking up happy in the morning.​

Author of two books on managing stress, she’s a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and the selected Stress Management Expert on DivorcebyRose.com.

Tina Murphy

In 2013, Tina’s husband Jamie, suddenly passed away, leaving her to raise her 2 young boys. The loss of her husband led her to turn to online shopping as a reprieve from the intense pain.

Tina’s healing process began to flourish when she learned how to actually process her pain. As she made peace with her grieving process, Tina was able to take control of her spending.  She began using her money to buy items that brought her joy while also being mindful of her financial future.

Tina then made it her mission to support other widows going through the same healing process. With 25+ years of personal finance teaching experience, she created her Next Level Widow Coaching program where she guides widows in creating a spending plan so they can enjoy life today while being relaxed about their financial future.  

As a Coach Connections leader, she helps other coaches empower their clients and create real change in their lives.

Schedule a free call HERE.

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Sarah Wall

Sarah Wall is a Virtual Assistant, Homeschool Blogger and
single mom who supports bloggers, coaches and mompreneurs to manage and grow their online presence. 

After leaving an abusive marriage with 5 young children, launching a successful business, and creating a support community with several hundred members, Sarah believes there’s always a way to achieve your goals. It’s just about finding the right support!

Sarah has spoken at several homeschooling and work at home conferences, including the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference, the Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Conference, the Reimagine Education Conference, and the Grow your Blog Virtual Summit.

Sarah is a single mom of 6 girls, and lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She has been working from home since 2005, homeschooling since 2006, and since 2014, doing both as a single parent. 

She blogs about their personal homeschooling adventures at RaisingRoyalty.ca. And you can connect with her business at XeraSupport.com.

Dave Jacobson

Ever since starting his career as a financial coach in 2009, Dave has served over 2,500 clients, of which roughly 100 were single parents.  Beyond seeing the emergency fund established, a spending plan in place, and debt reduced… There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a single mom say.. “I finally have control of something in my life, and it’s my finances…”

He founded the internationally recognized, Coach Connections, which trains and mentors coaches to become confident, competent, and build profitable businesses.  These coaches can be certified and become part Accountable Coaches Network, which is the client facing arm of the organization. 

As a national speaker, Dave has authored the Personal Finance Playbook workshop series, hosts the International Financial Coaching Conference, runs The Millionaire Roundtable, and is co-owner of Money Mavericks video game.

When he’s not working, you can find him working on his lawn or attending his kid’s sporting events.  Dave lives in Maple Grove, MN with his wife, children, and two dogs. 

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Kevin Lentin

Chiropractor, Functional Wellness Coach Speaker, and presenter, Dr. Kevin Lentin graduated from the University of Natal in 1976 with a B. Social Science, majoring in Psychology. After working in the ‘retail world’ for 6 years he changed his career path and in 1984 graduated Doctor of Chiropractic, Cum Laude, from Life Chiropractic College, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Lentin has been in private practice in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, S Africa for more than 37 years. While his core interest revolves around the diagnosis, treatment, and management of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, his continual search to deepen his understanding of ‘wellness’ has led him into the study, and practice, of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Lentin completed his Diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition, in Sydney, Australia, and then went on to specialize in Functional Medicine completing the intensive ‘Applying for Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice’ course in 2006 and again in 2014.

Dr. Lentin now focuses his years of study and clinical experience on a more integrated approach to health and wellness, incorporating his skills in the neuro-musculoskeletal (chiropractic), bio-nutritional and functional wellness (Functional Medicine) as well as the psycho-emotional realms to offer patients a holistic approach to health care.

While Dr. Lentin’s integrated wellness approach, which incorporates his tried, tested, and proven ‘Tri-Dimensional Functional Wellness’ system, suits anyone feeling the effects of stress and overwhelms, leading to physical, mental, and emotional distress, his focus has gravitated to an often unsupported, special interest group, that includes Mothers that are feeling depleted, distressed and directionless, leading to increasing levels of anxiety, lack of purpose and decreasing levels of self-esteem and self-worth.    

His tried, tested, and proven ‘Tri-Dimensional Functional Wellness’ model, has now also been expanded to include online coaching and mentoring programs allowing him to attract a global market. 

Isaac Grajeda

Isaac Grajeda is a mortgage professional of 19 years and has helped borrowers fix, manage and qualify for home loans. 
During the begging of the pandemic, he created a consultant agency named Micah Graves LLC that has helped businesses garner loans, grants, and build business credit. 
His vision is to empower everyone to leverage credit, finances, and government programs to fund the future. 

Lara Muzio

One of the most important values in her life is FREEDOM.

Her mission is to help women to achieve freedom around food, break free from the conditioning they have around food and feel at home in their bodies again. 

Website: https://www.laramuzio.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laramuzio/ 

Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett coaches you to retire on your own terms with passive income flowing into your life while you sleep.

She believes we can all learn to make money work for us. Starting in a low-income family on public assistance, Lisa is a graduate of UC Davis, Pepperdine University, and Stanford University.
She coaches people on how to start now and finish better and is in the top 5% of the wealth in the US.

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