I'm on a Mission!
Making Lives Brighter

If YOU, are interested in joining me on a virtual platform to:

Bring Single Working or Entreprenuer Moms into Health, Wealth, & Happiness

To find their Value & Purpose

Helping Them Become the Supermom-Superpower They're Meant to Be!

Benefits to Speaker

  • Being part of the mission
  • Making lives brighter
  • Increasing your audience

Benefits to Woman

  • unvalued  ⮕   VALUED
  • unseen  ⮕   SEEN
  • unheard  ⮕   HEARD
  • apathetic  ⮕   INSPIRED
  • in survival mode  ⮕   ROLE MODELS
  • barely able to care for family  ⮕   CONNECTED TO FAMILY & COMMUNITY

Benefits to family

  • not enough time with mom  ⮕   more quality time with mom!
  • convenience food/snacks  ⮕   healthy meals/snacks
  • chaos  ⮕   learning good time management skills

Benefits to Community

  • drug/ alcohol use  ⮕  ↓ substance abuse
  • attention seeking behaviors  ⮕  ↓ disruptive behaviors
  • depression/ anxiety  ⮕  ↓   depression & anxiety

Benefits to Society

Woman who know their value and are confident in who they are, are proven to be less likely to end up in abusive relationships (ever or again!)

Children who grow up with loving/connected, empowered women role models are more likely to be successful connected members of their community and have good solid relationships.